Refinery District Trading Co

We strive to become a leading brand in food and consumer wholesale and provide the best services to customers at competitive prices and high quality.

Who are we

Established in Jeddah in 1976, and over time RDT became one of the leading companies in the wholesale trade of food and consumer goods in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The company is the most important strategic partner of the largest food producers in this sector internally and internationally, over time the company has gained the confidence of its customers in the sector resulting in the growth of its sales and the expansion of its customer segment.
Over the past 45 years, our varieties have grown from 2,000 to 15,000 items to meet the needs of our customers, the company has gained an excellent reputation in providing and storing food and consumer products of the highest quality and has committed to providing its customers with competitive prices that satisfy them.

Our vision

We strive to become a leading brand in the wholesale trade of food and consumer goods and provide the best services to customers at competitive prices and high quality. To be a leading company locally and internationally in import and export.

Our Message

Build a good relationship with our suppliers to maintain an advanced position in the sector. Keep up with the development in the style of modern trade to reach the highest segment. Focus on attracting new sectors to our business to keep pace with the commercial development in Saudi Arabia.

Our goals

With economic development and the direction of the state in raising the efficiency of the economy we aim to serve the tourism, hotel and e-commerce sector in addition to entrepreneurship. To provide jobs for young Saudi cadres to gain business experience in the wholesale sector and contribute to their growth and development.

Our Values:

There are fundamentals that lead our enduring ambition towards excellence, reflecting the true values of our company. These fundamentals define our goal and push us forward to achieve them:

Integrity: We respect all different cultures, nationalities and ideas, we appreciate transparency well and are honest in everything we do.
Quality: We prioritize customer satisfaction above all else and make sure that every product we sell in the company achieves the highest quality standards.
Teamwork: We believe that working as a team enables us to achieve a lot of our individual abilities, and our highly skilled team works with passion to achieve our goals.
People: We are committed to respecting all individuals — our employees, customers, suppliers, providers and anyone who interacts or communicates with the company.
Community: We believe that we grow and thrive as a single community, focusing our efforts on social welfare initiatives that create a positive impact on members of society and contribute to the improvement of society as a whole.

Board of Directors

Ahmed Salem Bawazir

Chairman of Board of Directors

Mohamed Ahmed Bawazir

Executive Director

Salem Ahmed Bawazir

Managing Director

Our partners